Pristine Grace

Something Strange is Going On
by John Pedersen
Dear Brothers,

Ever get the feeling that when you seek to talk with some folk about the necessity of a Gospel-confession that distinguishes good from evil and condemns self, giving God all the glory, that they believe you to be....

wound too tight, a few degrees off true north, a bit stuck on the groove, not playing with a full deck, trying to compensate for unresolved psychological trauma, unbalanced and tipping over, harsh and un-pastoral, showing the effects of stress, in need of counseling, drinking too much coffee, ready to short out and start smoking, weird, crude, mean, seeing stuff that isn't there, missing the point, full of pride and self-righteousness, dangerous, prone to fixation, overly precise, not living in the real world, requiring a global perspective on Christianity, out of touch, intolerant, paranoid, grasping at straws, suffering from the loneliness and rejection, in need of serious prayer, just not getting it, riding a hobby horse, speaking a strange language, singing in the shower, unloved at home, trying something that doesn't work, dooming yourself to implode in parochial obscurity, jousting at windmills, downright irritating, hiding secret sin, bitter, ignorant of the real needs of people, cutting off your nose to spite your face, in need of a good cold shower and a slap in the face, immature, suffering from overexposure to the sun, not preaching the whole counsel of God, uncompassionate, stupid, beneath contempt, needing to relax, old hat, whistling in the dark, a bigot, a candidate for a ride on the back of Chuck Swindoll's Harly to a Promise Keepers event, and living in a dream world ?
"No wonder if such persons look upon imputed righteousness as the shadow of a dream, who esteem those things which evidence its necessity to be but fond imaginations. And small hope is there to bring such men to value the righteousness of Christ, as imputed to them, who are so unacquainted with their own unrighteousness inherent in them. Until men know themselves better, they will care very little to know Christ at all." - John Owen
Me, too.