Pristine Grace

Against Soul Winning and Arminian Proselytizing
by Brandan Kraft

July 1, 2005

Against Soul Winning and Arminian Proselytizing

     As a person who is known as a hyper free grace predestinarian, the most common accusation I face is the lie that my pristine grace friends and I are anti-evangelical.  It's my opinion that this charge is a mischaracterization of me due to a misunderstanding of evangelism.  Those who often fling this accusation against me often have not taken the time to dialog with me about my beliefs or offer to sit down and study the topic of evangelism with me or my other free grace friends.  It seems they are content to cast reproach upon us from their lofty "evangelical" position of authority as pastors, "missionaries", and other unscriptural "leadership positions."

      What is the basis for these attacks?  I propose that it all stems from an unscriptural understanding of evangelism.  Today, evangelism is equated with "soul winning" and an elaborate "plan of salvation."  Modern "evangelists" believe that they have a duty to get men converted to their version of what they call christianity.  When this form of proselytizing is merged with a form of calvinistic theology, the result is disastrous. 

      I do not intend to deal with the vast majority of religionists that condition salvation on the faith of the individual - those who preach for a free will decision.  These are out and out pelagian; and history, as well as scripture has clearly condemned these movements as anti-christ.  I intend to deal with the true Arminians of today and they are usually known as "reformed evangelicals" or "evangelical calvinists".  Their religion is no less flesh pleasing than that of their pelagian brothers.  The only difference is they hope to deceptively hide their core beliefs with "sovereign grace" language.  

      To make my point simple, the evangelism of modern day calvinism is not scriptural!  It is not evangelism.  Its basis is found in a false presupposition and is rooted in deceitfulness.  Its presuppositions are many, but they can be summed up neatly in two premises.  First of all, it proposes that salvation is found in conversion.  Its second premise is that all men are redeemable.  The purpose of modern day evangelism is to "save souls."  If its premises are wrong, then it is completely wrong in all ways.  If its purpose is wrong, then its methods are wrong and it is not to the "praise of the glory of His grace." (Eph. 1:6)

      The true scriptural meaning of evangelism is "announcing good news."  That's it!  Do you get it?  It's that simple.  It means to proclaim the Gospel of Christ.  I can't stay quiet about it!  The Gospel is Christ has already redeemed His people. Those that believe were already saved by Christ in His earthly ministry, death, and resurrection (Mat 1:21).  I love the Gospel, and I tell it to everyone who will listen to me.  It truly is good news!  The Gospel brings such joy to my heart that if I was forced to be quiet about it, I think I would burst.  But you won't see me giving out "free offers", proselytizing, or preaching this news in the hopes of "saving a soul."  I rest confidently that God has His sheep out there in the world, and they will rejoice in these "glad tidings" (Rom 10:15) at the appropriate time.  I will not resort to the terrors of hell, wrath, and condemnation in order to get people converted.  I am content to simply proclaim that Christ has always loved His people and that He died for them as their surety.  God's people do not need to be coerced or scared into a Gospel profession.

     God's people have had their names written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world.  Those who won't believe the Gospel have never had their name written in the book of life from the foundation of the world (Rev. 17:8).   If a person's name is not written in this book, then no amount of Gospel preaching is going to put it there for them.  "Deciding" to believe this message won't help them either as it's far too late for them to be saved now.  God's people will be brought to faith in Christ because it is the Father's will.  It's not a decision!  It's something they can't even prevent! 

       I can hear the objectors now, "but Brandan, you're going to hurt evangelistic zeal."  "Oh, but Brandan, what motivation will we have?"  These objections are unscriptural, but that's not going to stop the flesh pleasers.  "Who cares if the hyper free gracers are theologically correct if more souls are saved by our methods!"

      I don't care if men think I'm not evangelistic and don't believe in preaching the Gospel.  I'll continue to proclaim God's free and sovereign grace unstained by the will of men.   I LOVE PRISTINE GRACE!  And I'll tell it to everyone who will listen.  I hope only to glorify and praise my Lord who has redeemed His people.  Christ and His Gospel of an accomplished salvation is my joy.  

     Grace and Peace,