Pristine Grace

Gospel Believers and Pharisees Contrasted
by John Pedersen

     Believers look to Christ; Pharisees look to self. 

     Believers have assurance based on the obedience of Christ; Pharisees have "assurance" based on their own obedience. 

     Believers are motivated by conviction the curse and sanctions of the law have been removed from them forever. Pharisees are motivated by conviction they must avoid the curse and sanctions of the law by their godly living.
     Believers judge by the standard of gospel doctrine. Pharisees judge by appearance and consensus. 

     Believers are forgiving, as they know true forgiveness. Pharisees withhold forgiveness from those whose request they deem disingenuous based on subjective considerations as opposed to gospel doctrine.  

     Believers hold to the imputed righteousness of Christ as the ground of all their acceptance with God and what God has revealed to them in the good news of Christ's work for them on the cross; Pharisees see the doctrine of imputed righteousness as a practically irrelevant debating point among those who should be about the business of living in a godly way.

     - John Pedersen