Pristine Grace

Proper Attire
by Winston Pannell
Proper Attire

Romans 13:14,   “But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fill the lusts thereof.” 

     Casual dress at a black tie affair, whether in ignorance or intentional reveals contempt for the host. Proper etiquette in dress always respects the host, and failure to comply is rejection of and rebellion against the host and his set standard of dress. 

     No less is expected from God toward those whom he invites into his fellowship.  Careless dress is not acceptable, nor is it necessary since God has provided the proper garment for all who enjoy his fellowship. Those “in Christ” are there eternally by election, calling, regeneration, faith and by declaration from God of their justification based solely on the imputed righteousness of Christ, established by his satisfaction to law and justice. This righteous garment is the only attire acceptable to God for fellowship with him. Ignorance of, and, or rejection of this righteousness imputed leaves the sinner some obedience to render. It leaves him “going about seeking to establish a righteousness of his own.” (Romans 10:1-4 It leaves him lusting after the flesh. True faith sees Christ’s righteousness as all the sinners’ salvation without works of righteousness which we have done. God’s people stand unchangeably righteous “in Christ.”

     Those eternally secure “in Christ” are to put “on Christ.” “Putting on Christ,” preceded by true repentance is to believe and hold dogmatically Christ’s righteousness imputed as my whole salvation with no contribution from my person as to gaining or maintaining any part of it. Compromising this principle is “making provision for and fulfilling the lust of the flesh.” If I think anything performed in or by my person adds to or detracts from my standing of perfection in Christ, I am fulfilling the natural desires of my flesh.  “Putting on Christ is a daily, constant, moment by moment looking to “the Lord Jesus Christ” the Author and finisher of my faith. It is to walk in love toward Christ who loves me eternally, in spite of my nakedness and shame and paid the ransom for my soul. Anything more or less is lusting after the flesh.  Are your garments spotless, are they white as snow? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? Then, “put ye on Christ” and enjoy the pleasures of the marriage supper of the Lamb. Read Matthew 22:11-14.