Pristine Grace

Religion Is Not To Be Confined to Devotional Exercises
by John Newton
Religion Is Not To Be Confined to Devotional Exercises

    Religion is not to be confined to devotional exercises — but rather consists in doing all that we are called to do, with a single eye to His glory and will, from a grateful sense of His love and mercy to us. This is the chemistry which turns every mundane thing into gold, and stamps a value upon common actions!

    When a mother is making or mending the children's clothes, or teaching them, or cleaning the kitchen, or a saucepan — she may be as well employed, as when she is upon her knees or at the Lord's Table. 

    It is a great mistake to think that all time is lost — which is not spent in bible-reading, or hearing sermons, or prayer.  These are properly called means of grace — and should be attended to in their proper season.  But the fruits of grace — are to appear in our common daily course of conduct.

    It would be wrong for a mother to neglect the house of God — and it would be equally wrong to neglect the prudent management of her own house. It is chiefly as a wife and mother of a family, that she can let her light shine to His praise. I would not have her think that she could serve the Lord better in any other station, than in that in which God in His providence has placed her. 

    A simple desire to please God, to walk by the rule of His Word, and to do all to His glory . . .
      like the fabled magic stone, turns all to gold,
      consecrates the actions of common life, and
      makes everything that belongs to our situation and duty in domestic life, a part of our religion. 

    "So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do — do all to the glory of God!" 1 Corinthians 10:31