Pristine Grace

The Made Sin Controversy - A Retrospective
by Brandan Kraft
The Made Sin Controversy - A Retrospective

    This will be my final word on the controversy that was in part the reason for the split in the Henry Mahan style free grace churches.  I have interviewed dozens of people regarding their experience.  I am a member and faithful to attend a church that was partially split by the controversy (there were other extenuating circumstances).  I have conversed with the facebook socialites that keep the controversy alive.  And I now regularly attend church conferences where the alternate viewpoint is preached.  And here are my findings.

  1. The disagreement involved and was fueled by a failure to communicate.  But ultimately, it was a lack of love that fueled the split.  Each side in my opinion falsely accused the other side of heresy.  And each side failed to listen to the opposing side.  There is a lot of blame to go around. Few are innocent regarding this controversy.  Those that tried to stay neutral or promote peace usually were attacked as well.
  2. I believe each side is correct.  And before you accuse me of splitting the baby, please hear me out. First of all, Christ was the spotless lamb of God (in His very person) that was offered up for satisfaction on the cross of Calvary. And that He was made sin by imputation.

    But He was also GUILTY in the sight of God and that is because the Lord laid upon Him the iniquity of all of His people.  So Christ was indeed MADE SIN.  Some might even call Him a sinner while He was on the cross.  And while these are not words I would feel comfortable uttering out of reverence and because the Scriptures do not use this phrase, they technically wouldn't be wrong as long as it is understood that this was OBJECTIVELY (from God’s perspective) and not intrinsically (in Christ’s very person). 

    And He also felt all the effects of our sin in His body.  That is He felt all of the effects except for the commission of course.  He took upon Himself OUR SHAME and OUR GUILT.  And then He extinguished the fiery wrath of God on the cross.  

    He was made sin by imputation, but He suffered in His body.  Imputation indeed IS NOT legal fiction. It cost our Savior His life.  I cannot begin to imagine the horrors that He suffered for us on the cross.  So whether you consider Him to be sinless while on the cross, or as John Gill says, a mass of sin, both phrases are correct depending on the perspective.  He remained the spotless lamb of God while bearing our iniquities.
  3. SOME that still want to make a deal out of it usually don't attend any church.  Some don't love the brethren and prefer instead to stir up strife on the internet.  And it is my opinion that THEY are the true heretics (that is they continually stir up controversy and divide the brethren unnecissarily) .
  4. The split was fueled by other struggles, personalities, and different styles of ministry; but doctrine became the excuse to justify bad behavior.

    And that's about all I have to say.  I had something to say about it at the beginning without hearing from all involved.  I was wrong to use my platform in that way.  For that I am sorrowful and repent!  May the Lord be pleased to use me as a uniter and not a divider.   I truly desire reconciliation and peace amongst the brethren. - B.