Pristine Grace

by Brandan Kraft

    The Gospel Defender, the Neo-Gnostic, the Heretic Hunter, or in other words, the Sovereign Grace PHARISEE, oh, they can preach a good game.  

  1. They can preach total depravity, but they practice total arrogance.  
  2. They insist on an unconditional election, but condition acceptance of God's people in Christ on their ability to articulate the Gospel to their perfection and pass their lengthy tests of orthodoxy.  
  3. They will champion limited atonement, but limit their love to only those who agree with them on their view of it.  
  4. They will harp on irresistable grace, but refuse to extend any grace to those God puts in their lives.
  5. They claim to believe in perseverence of the saints, but do nothing but discourage the perseverence of those around them.

    It is my opinion that this is not the Gospel.  This is not sovereign grace.  This is not proper theology.  And it does not glorify God or magnify Christ.  They have traded a beautiful TULIP for garbage.  They're L-TARDS.  Limited Love, Total Arrogance, Acceptance Conditioned,  Refused Grace, and Discouragement.