Pristine Grace

by Eileen Beckett

.....'to renew or replenish with or as with new supplies', the definition of refresh. Spiritually speaking it alludes back to my previous post on Living Water and the refreshing that He does in our spirit, the natural man cannot receive this refreshing for it too is spiritually discerned and is only intended for the spiritual man within us.

The Lord has blessed me with this refreshing of my spirit at a time in my life when seemingly it has been needed the most. He knows my needs better than I do, even though there are times when I doubt that. But here, He has blessed me with this refreshing and I didn't even know how thirsty I had become. When He quenches the thirst through the active living word, the Spirit and the renewing of our mind, nothing else will satisfy, nothing.

Do you remember the old spiritual song....'Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, nobody knows but Jesus"? I sing that at work (yes, I sing at work) and I sing it low and make a production out of it and there are some who think it is a negative song, a song of woe. But to me it is a comfort song because I know that I know the One who knows all of my troubles, past, present or future. And when I sing that song I sing it because it is well with my soul amidst the trouble.

Oh dearest Jesus, thank you for the refreshing of my spirit, thank you that it is well with my soul.