Pristine Grace

Another Wintry Sunday
by Eileen Beckett
Another Wintry Sunday

I've had these before you know, whiney Saturdays. I post about them too, seems to help a bit. It's like venting and getting things off your mind for a time.

I have been going to the dentist off and on and last week I thought I was through for a time, but hey, it didn't work out that way. I had a root canal, which I'm assuming didn't work and the dentist is out of town until Tuesday, well, of course. He gave me some pain medication which made me sicker than a dog and I was off work for two days, on the couch. It's tylenol and advil every fours hours now until Tuesday. I hope I can last! I'm priveleged to have the dentist's cell phone number (he is in Pheonix), but I do wonder what good that is supposed to do me. I even asked that question of his staff and didn't get a definate response. I don't think anyone had asked that question before.

My husband took a fall this morning in the shower of all places. Oh my! I heard him hit and it was a hard hit. My heart did a flip flop wondering what I might find when I got there. We have joked about this before thinking we would have to call 911 to come get him out, but thankfully after I quieted him down and we thought it through we managed to get him out. In the process as he grabbed the bar to get up, he tore it right out of the wall. So guess we will be having some repair work!! It doesn't seem like anything is broken, I imagine tomorrow will be the day he finds out what all has been bruised and affected.

After that eventful morning I went out to mow. Now that went well but I was a bit ticked at my neighbors to the south. Frankly, they are slobs, truly! They never pick up a single thing from their yard, their grandkid's toys are everywhere, the swimming pool sat in a heap all winter long, they don't take care of their yard and on and on the list goes. I'm sorry but I like tidy and I just don't understand when folks don't take care of what they have. They are younger than I am, and the husband is perfectly capable of doing stuff!! Guess they just don't want to.

At least my neighbor to the north keeps up the building and the yard, it's the Catholic Church! They have doctrinal problems, but they are tidy!

We had a great bible study on Friday night in Ephesians, good feedback and good fellowship. Topped the week off in style!

So that's about my Saturday! I'm thankful that I know whom I have believed and that I believe in His sovereign control and purposes in my life and those around me. My only comfort! "In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you" (I Th 5:18)

Have a great day!