Pristine Grace

Peace and Rest!
by Eileen Beckett
Peace and Rest!

This is a blog about a recent event in my life; you see my husband has had a mild stroke. The effects of that has been a partial drooping of the left side of his face and very garbled speech which has improved immensely over the last 5 days and for that we are thankful.

I have a dear friend who has prayed that I would have peace and rest in the Lord and in His great mercy that has been His will and so her prayers have been answered, Thy will be done. We went to the Dr. and my husband decided that there was no reason to do any elaborate testing or to spend time in the hospital for what would seem an obvious diagnosis. Course, you know how doctors are; they think they must have the answer for everything and that you are totally at their mercy. I’m so thankful that we know better than that.

From a few of the responses I have had to that peace and rest I think that some misunderstand and perhaps view it as an uncaring attitude or it seems that they want me to be upset, anxious, scared and fretting. As believers we know the Truth of the matter thought don’t we, we know that our Sovereign God is in control and the world doesn’t stop. We know that all things work together for our good if we belong to Him, we know that not one single hair can fall from our head without His will and we know that we are not to take thought for tomorrow; sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. He has everyone’s days numbered, I take great comfort in that and so I know that my fretting won’t add one second or one minute to anyone’s life, including my own. Now, have I fretted before?? Well, if you know me at all or have known me for long you know that I have, especially over the long 36 years of his health issues. You know what we did instead of fretting? I went and bought a bottle of Jack Daniels (black label BTW) and a six pack of coke and we watched our VCR tape of all of our old 8 mm tapes that had been put together into one and we laughed at how young we looked and we remembered the good times as we reminisced and we had a drink or two together. The Lord is good and has given us all things to enjoy and so that is what we did, we enjoyed!

I am extremely thankful with this trial that the Lord has given such a measure of Grace that I can truly rest in Him, for the scripture tells us that His Grace is sufficient. I am thankful for the peace that passes all understanding. If you have prayed for us, I thank you!