Pristine Grace

Rain Gauges & Sovereignty
by Eileen Beckett
Rain Gauges & Sovereignty

I had a very interesting conversation with a co-worker of mine who is actually considered, in one respect, to be one of my bosses, seems I have a lot of those. We were looking through a gadget magazine to order small items for our 100th anniversary celebration and we suggested ordering rain gauges as all the ranchers and farmers like them, I have one myself in my backyard. He said, NO, I’m not going to order rain gauges because the last time I did we went into a drought and I kind of chuckled and said that it wouldn’t matter if he ordered rain gauges or not because God was in control of the weather, not him. He was incredulous and asked me then if God had sent the tornado to Holly and I answered in the affirmative and that led to a fast and furious discussion on the Sovereignty of God, not only in the weather but in salvation and in the hearts of man. He had never heard of that God!

He is an unbeliever so it was interesting to interact with him and bring out all the various things he believes, I recognized each and every one of them having been in those very shoes at his age. Typical conversation with someone who doesn’t know the God of scripture and instead makes a god of his own liking. A god who loves everyone and who is only in control of good things, not evil, a god who says everyone can go to heaven and how is that again?? Well, by having a good heart of course and doing good things and although the bible says that there is none good, no not one, and good works won’t get you there you can’t use scripture that way eileen because you can make scripture say anything you want it to. Who are you eileen to say that your interpretation of the scripture is correct and you have the truth and you almost hesitate on that one but you make it clear that truth is absolute and there is no other name under heaven given to man whereby he can be saved but that of Jesus Christ. Well, everyone has their own truth and you simply can’t say that you know the truth…….oh yes I can, it has been revealed in scripture and been revealed to me as well. Oh how they hate that and want to make you feel like you are being presumptuous in even declaring it, they want you to back down and admit that you really can’t know the truth. Oh it was interesting and awesome!

Several times that day then he said, ‘you’re wrong eileen’ and I said, ‘no I’m not’ and we went about finishing up our work for the day and the last thing he said to me was ‘pray for me eileen, maybe I will see the light’. Was he serious or being facetious, only the Lord knows but this we can know for sure, his heart is also in the hand of the Lord as the rivers of water, He turneth it whithersoever He will.