Pristine Grace

It is Finished!
by Scott Price
It is Finished!

"When Jesus had therefore received the vinegar, He said, It is finished: and He bowed His head and gave up the ghost." John 19:30

    People today, like in every generation, seem to want to do something to "get saved". They strive and work to satisfy God and relieve their conscience of the guilt they have for disobeying God's holy law. They can never be satisfied and assured of true salvation until their conscience can be completely purged of dead works. Dead works are done when the sinner is doing a work that is not of faith and that is by a wrong motive. Good works are works done by a justified sinner who is one already saved by Christ from the condemnation and guilt of their sin, all this based on a righteousness Christ has given them by imputation or transferring it to their account. These works are done out of love and thanksgiving. Dead works are done out of fear of punishment and a promise of a reward, which are wrong motives.

    The justified sinner starts out a full fledged saint (sanctified or set apart and made holy by God) and works on that ground work from day one. The one committing dead works is in some way trying to attain sanctification of justification. These dead works are self righteous and evil because they put into question the finished work of Christ as if His work is not good enough. The sinner committing dead works of self righteousness is really saying his works are better than those perfect works of Jesus Christ the Lord.

    People then ask "What must I do to be saved?" The answer is to believe. This answer should not just be proclaimed but also explained. Belief, or faith is not just believing something is true but it goes further than that. Belief involves a trust, a counting on, a leaning on, and a confidence and assurance in. True faith (and repentance) takes the trust you had in yourself and gladly gets rid of it, then counts on the finished, perfect work of Jesus Christ. His work is the only work that makes the difference between saved and lost, Heaven or Hell. If you try to add to the successful, victorious work of Christ on the cross by self righteous dead works you are only deceiving yourself. God hates the evil deeds of those who would seek to compete with the work of His Son.

    Christ has finished the work of perfect righteousness for His people. The work is already done. Do you need that righteousness? Do you want that righteousness? Do you have that righteousness by imputation? Are you trusting Him for that righteousness? Do you realize God hates your own righteousness and calls it filthy rags? Have you turned from your own righteousness and turned to Christ for His? Have you stopped working for salvation and completely are resting in His finished work that He accomplished on the cross? If so, you must be one the people for whom He established a righteousness for and has given faith to. Thank God He reveals grace with HIS works and shows us OUR works are worthless, otherwise we would not see either one. To God be the glory.