Pristine Grace

Good Works Do Not Evidence Justification
by David Bishop

"Our works of obedience play no role in our justification — God’s declaration that we are righteous before His seat of judgment. Instead, we are justified solely on account of the perfect righteousness of Christ, which is imputed to our record through faith alone. In our justification, we are not made inherently righteous. God’s declaration does not mean we cease to sin before we die. Each of us is, as Martin Luther said, simul justus et peccator — at the same time righteous and sinner. We are covered in an alien righteousness, a righteousness that is not our own, but under that covering we are still inclined to break the law of God. Justification declares us righteous, it does not make us sinless.  We are granted citizenship in God’s kingdom based only on the righteousness of Christ, but good works are not an optional part of the Christian life. In fact, believers must do good, not to secure justification but to evidence their justification."   --- R C Sproul

     Moral struggling is not evidence, not even AN evidence of justification.  The world can and does evidence moral struggles.  The Pharisees worked and struggled to produce morality.  Many Mormons are more moral than most Christians.  

     There is only one evidence of justification.  Only one.  Faith in the gospel.  Paul did not say I endeavored to know nothing among you but Christ and Him crucified, and the Spirit working in you to produce morality as evidence of your justification.  

     There is only one evidence.  Only one.

     You cannot produce good works while you are thinking good works are an evidence of justification, because I guarantee you that you are going to inevitably attribute justification to works as long as you  think this.