Pristine Grace

Is There a Doctor in the House?
by Scott Price
Is There a Doctor in the House?

"They that are whole need not a physician, but they that are sick." Matthew 9:12

    We are such bad shape by nature that we need a qualified physician that can raise the dead to life again. Christ is that great physician Who is qualified by Who He is and by what He has done. He gives a new heart to His patients that will trust in the righteousness the doctor established. In grace and mercy He changes our state so we are no longer condemned, and all this is based on that same righteousness imputed. He is a wise physician Who knows what He is doing and cannot fail. He is a faithful physician Who will give His patients all they need. He is a good physician that always does right no matter what. He is a powerful physician who actually heals and gives life every time He does His work.

    The successful physician, the Lord Jesus Christ, is worthy of all honor, praise, and preeminence for the merit of His cross work. He took His work serious and makes sure His patients do to. It is nice to have a physician WHO IS LIFE. He Who is life can give life and the giver of life has certainly received the highest exaltation because of it.

    Those who will seek this physician are only those that are made to realize that they are sick to death. They cannot stand their own stench. They see they have NOTHING to bring to a holy physician to add to their cure. They have no healing balm, but rather only dung which infects. They repent of their own medicine and man made remedies. They see their own medicine as evil as witchcraft or sorcery. They crave and yearn for the pure healing balm of the blood and righteousness of the God-man mediator, the great physician, Christ. When God shows them they need Him they cry out for this doctor only.

    Those that see no need for Him call Him a quack. They mock His qualifications. They are ignorant of the true medicine He applies. They trust is false remedies of poison that only contribute to more sickness and death.

    He is always ready to heal those who come to Him. He promises He will. Has He worked on you or would you be so bold as to try to raise yourself up from the dead?? Do not hate the physician. He is your ONLY hope.