Pristine Grace

The Work of God
by Scott Price
The Work of God

     The work of God in the elect to irresistibly work faith in them by the Spirit and with the word (gospel) is the very same power that it took to raise Christ from the dead. This is a mighty work of spiritual resurrection out of spiritual deadness and darkness into spiritual life, light and application of all the spiritual blessings merited by the death of Christ. This is an effectual work of God alone. He gets it done and He reveals the glorious truth of the accomplished work of Christ to all His elect sheep teaching them the only true gospel of His free and sovereign grace, in Christ. He does it right and does not fail in this purpose. His sheep hear His voice in the gospel and a strangers voice they do not hear.

     The vast majority of voices out there are voices of strangers in a false gospel. God does not and will not use a false gospel as the power of God unto salvation. A false gospel will only deceive. Only the true sets sinners free.

     Thank God He has this promise firmly in place and His people stand on and are assured in the truth of Christ's righteousness imputed as their acceptance based on His effectual, substitutionary, satisfactory, accomplished, successful, sufficient, finished work of Redemption. His foundation stands sure and He knows His own and the know Him.

     There is no other salvation besides this one. Very few believe this. Those who do, will worship Him in Spirit and in truth. He alone is the difference marker and He teaches His people this when He gives the faith. He grants His sheep repentance from them ever thinking they have any part in making any difference in any part of free salvation from start to finish. This is what it means to be saved by grace alone, without works.