Pristine Grace

The Most Offensive Words
by James Guyo

     The most offensive words that come to the ears of sinners don't come from their sworn enemies, their inlaws, their ex husbands or wives.  No, they come in the terms of salvation when God says He is Sovereign and He saves only by grace. That should be innocous you would think, but it takes away the pride of men. It pulls the rug from underneath our self confidence.

     We look in the mirror and see the most beautiful person that ever walked on two legs and think God sees it the same way. We think, well I am soooo cute God must need me in heaven. But it doesn't work like that folks. That is the delusion of the flesh.

     Unless the Lord saves you by His grace there is no hope for you. You are a sinner and cannot come to God through any other way or means but by the grace and blood of Jesus Christ lest you perish. Amen!