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Did Anyone Counsel Him?
by Scott Price
Did Anyone Counsel Him?

"Who hath known the mind of the LORD, or who has been His counsellor?" Rom 11:34

    The message that false religion has consistently promoted seeks to destroy the grace and glory of God by discrediting the preeminence of Christ in salvation. The way a false gospel is shaped is to chip away at the grace which was before the foundation of the world by conditioning salvation in some part on the action of man. The false gospel of works starts with a god who conditions election on the "freewill" decision which was seen in looking down through the future as he looked through the telescope of time. This view of election makes man to be the counsellor of God. It makes God to seek the counsel from man and makes God to act by reacting to man.

    If we believe the word of God when it talks of faith as being a gift then how does this relate to the above mentioned view of election? Does God look down through the future to see who He already gave faith to and then chose those He sees exercise that faith? Come on! Who was the false prophet that devised this one? What a brainstorm! This idea is about false god with no wisdom that reacts to the counsel of man. Who would be the supreme being in that mess? Man would be.

    The true God of the Bible is wise and all knowing. He, of course, knows what will happen before it happens. Do you know why this is? Because He foreordained and predestinated ALL things, not because He has to wait to learn what will happen. God's election is based and conditioned on the LORD Jesus Christ. His people are loved, accepted, and elected in Christ. God is not a reactionary wimp like man. False religion has shaped a god that is like themselves. Do not let the lies of false religion influence you and the one's you love. Expose it loudly and clearly every time you see it.