Pristine Grace

Putting the Puzzle of Doctrine and Theology Together
by Scott Price
Putting the Puzzle of Doctrine and Theology Together    When I listen to music I really think about it in separate parts, then as a whole. When I hear a song I first notice the beat because I am a drummer. The next time I hear it, in no particular order, I pick out the bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keyboards, lead vocals, back up vocals, etc., and listen to see their separate contribution to the song. Then when you hear the whole band play and contribute all at the same time it can be understood and appreciated very much. It takes discernment to identify the different instruments. Give that a try sometime and you will be surprised at the increased quality of listening pleasure.   

    The same goes for doctrine and theology. When we are seeking to prove a point, for example; the fact that salvation is eternal and it cannot be lost. You should not just give a list of 101 verses that say once saved always saved. The best thing to do is use theological concepts and whole doctrines. The way to prove how a person is eternally secure is to show how a person is saved in the first place. This would be done by showing justification, imputation, propitiation, redemption, reconciliation, election, etc. These doctrines contain all those 101verses, only not isolated from theological concepts. This takes spiritual discernment.

    Our society likes things quick and convenient. Goofy ideas like the "Romans Road", the "Altar Call", the "Sinner's Prayer", "Smile God Loves You" bumper stickers, are all a result of today's pop tart (with icing & sprinkles) gospel. It fast and convenient but is it good for you? They do not want to be bothered with doctrine or theology but only point to their "Jesus Fish" emblem or "What Would Jesus Do" T-shirt, with their cross necklace on the outside of it.

    May God deliver this generation from such shallow nonsense and cause them to worship the only true God who is both just and the justifier of His people. I pray God would sent a revival in the land that would overturn the idols of self righteous, works religion and reveal a gospel with some substance (doctrine) that shows how God is glorified and honored in salvation by the accomplished death and established righteousness of His Son. Let the sweet sound of the gospel flow and let us enjoy every part together as a whole.