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A Letter on Judging
by Scott Price
A Letter on Judging

    Several things come to mind when reading your brief statement dated 12-29-99 which you titled GOD ALONE KNOWS WHO ARE SAVED NOT ANYONE ELSE. 

    The title is not necessarily a true statement. The thief on the cross was saved and is in Heaven. Judas Iscariot was not saved therefore is not in Heaven. The Apostle Paul was saved and is in Heaven. There are probably many more Scriptural examples on both sides that could be mentioned but some how I do not think this is what the issue is because of the context of your statement. 

    I imagine you are referring to the current controversy going on in many e-group discussions concerning judgments of saved and lost. In that frame of thought I will only mention one text ; "Beware of false prophets....... ye shall KNOW THEM by their fruits..." (emphasis mine) Matt 7:15-16 KJV. This is a command of Christ. My question is, how can we KNOW who a false prophet is unless we make a judgment? Are false prophets saved or lost? Was Christ trying to confuse us or is modern mainstream evangelicalism doing that? Do false prophets preach a false gospel of sinking sand like Matt 7:24-27 refers to? What about the same chapter where it says "Not everyone that saith unto me Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of Heaven" (v-21). What are today's false prophets saying? Probably what the false prophet said in verse 22: "Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, and in thy name cast out devils, and in thy name done many wonderful works?" WORKS, WORKS, and more WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the sinking sand. That is the wide gate that leads to destruction (v-13). That is the main fruit of the false prophet. That is what the vast majority of religion is preaching. That is what we hold to naturally by birth - SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!!!!!!!! 

    Most so called "Christians" believe in a form of works righteousness and that is why we can NOT take for granted all who say Lord, Lord are saved. The command is to beware. What is in the heart (mind) comes out by way of the mouth. False professors will reveal the object of their faith by what constantly is flowing out their mouth - WORKS, WORKS, and more WORKS. 

    There are many false christs being preached today which are not the true Christ of the Scriptures. People have formed an idol of their imaginations and pray to a god that cannot save. Their god is sort of like themselves but maybe just a wee bit weaker. 

    You seemed to have a negative comment to intellectual assent? I hope you are not going down the road of "faith is believing in something we do not understand", or "we believe with our heart and not our heads".

    Recently I received an article from a "Reformed" man that said (and I am paraphrasing, it is real close) - "A person can be saved while holding to the belief that he is saved by his works". This is what I am commanded to beware of. Their mouths must be stopped! 

    We have explicit teachings in the scripture of what the gospel IS and what the gospel is NOT. This is one way that I know of that we can use as a basis to determine who we stick our hand out and call them brother. To promote a false prophet in their false gospel is not love, but rather, hate. Let us also warn those who would condition salvation on the work of KNOWING certain things, even if those things are true. This is very subtle. We are given an understanding to know God (1 John 5:20). All the conditions in salvation were already met in the Person of Christ. Thank God salvation by grace is conditioned on Christ alone. This indeed is good news.