Pristine Grace

The Old Story is Forever New
by Henry Mahan

"To write the same things to you, to me indeed is not tiresome, but for you it is safe" (necessary) (Phil. 3:1).

We never grow weary of preaching the word of our Lord, the gospel of His grace; and we never tire of gathering together in His name to worship, pray, and fellowship with His people. The old story is forever NEW; the familiar scriptures are FRESHER AND SWEETER with every taste.

1. To often hear His word preached is to keep our hearts and minds on Christ, the fountain of life.

2. To often hear His word preached is a safeguard against false doctrine and false teachers. An untaught child is more easily led astray than one "taught of God."

3. To often hear His word preached guards against self-righteousness. No danger of a person who is often in the presence of HIS HOLINESS seeing any merit in himself.

4. To often hear His word preached refreshes our spirits, brings peace to our hearts, and beauty to our countenances. One can look at flowers and readily see which flowers ARE MOST OFTEN WATERED!