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Did Christ Die for a Building?
by Scott Price
Did Christ Die for a Building?

"Husbands loves your wives, even as Christ also the church and gave Himself for it" Ephesians 5:25

    The vast majority of people today, religious or not, call a church building "the church". The word church in the Bible refers to a God-called group of believers assembled together. God Almighty calls His people by the power of His Spirit and through the means of the gospel message, which brings them to conversion and into the family of God. These are the people that the Lord Jesus Christ died for to give them eternal life by merits of His blood and righteousness which He established by His life and death.

    The Bible does not talk about church buildings. The early church met in homes/houses. A few hundred years later there was a focus on building church buildings, especially when Constantine ran the first pagan, state church. The thrust went back to the physical adornment of the building to try and make it holy like the Old Testament form of worship that the book of Hebrews warns us to leave. Now a days, a group of believers that do not own or rent a "church building" is considered odd to the mainstream. The Bible does not focus on the temporary, physical forms of worship but the eternal, spiritual aspect of worship. The church is God's people not a building.

    Do not forget the suffering Christ went through to obtain eternal redemption for His people by a successful, victorious, substitutionary atonement made for a group of ungodly sinners that make up His church. Christ did not die for a building. Did He establish righteousness for a building? A building has nothing to do with it folks. Building will burn in the end. God's people are precious to Him. He gave His Son for them who in turn gave Himself for them by enduring the death of the cross. Lets give words the definitions that God gives them in His book. Next thing you know people will try to put an altar back in the church. Oops, I guess they already have.