Pristine Grace

Why Men do not Come to Christ
by Henry Mahan

     I have had many people say to me, "Pastor, I just do not understand why my friends and loved ones do not have an interest in the Gospel of Christ. It is so clear from the scriptures that He is the ONLY Savior and the ONLY way to God and to life eternal!" Beloved, I wish that all whom we know would embrace the gospel of God's grace and cast themselves upon our Lord's plenteous mercy, but I understand WHY THEY DO NOT. The problem is not with HIM (most, like Nicodemus, admire Him). The problem is with THEM!

  1. They do not know the CHARACTER OF GOD! They have no understanding of His holiness, His truth, His justice; there is no fear of God.
  2. They do not really SEE THEMSELVES AS SINNERS! Oh, they will not claim to be good; but they aren't really bad. They cannot imagine that there is nothing about them that is not offensive to a holy God. They love themselves as they are, so why can't God accept them as they are?
  3. They do not FEEL THE NEED FOR A MEDIATOR! They can accept Christ as a good man, as an example, and even as a helper; but the need for Christ as our only hope, our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption, this they do not see. God must open every heart as He did Lydia's and reveal Himself, our sin, and HIS ONLY REMEDY