Pristine Grace

by Scott Price

"He sent redemption unto His people: He hath commanded His covenant forever: holy and reverend is His name." Psalm 111:9

    Many men would have us believe they are above all other people when it comes to position in the kingdom of God. They take on the title "Reverend" and claim they are "men of the cloth" or "clergy". They want us to believe the people in the pews are mere "laity" or "lay persons". Many of these men who think so highly of themselves are state approved but not God approved.

    The LORD Jesus Christ has put all the members of His church on all one level: JUSTIFIED by an imputed righteousness. No one person or group of people are any better than the others when it comes to Christ and His church. All God's people are ministers of the gospel and are encouraged to edify one another. All the members of the body are said to have a gift and are encouraged to exercise them in the ministry of the gospel.

    God is the ONLY one that should be considered REVEREND. There are many Protestant and Baptist POPES running around thinking more of themselves than they ought to. Many "Pastors" would be better off if the would spend time pastoring (verb) rather than boasting in the title. Some have "their people" bound by non biblical ecclesiastical nonsense.

    Imputation, both of sin and of righteousness, is the great leveler. We who are saved by God's grace have the very righteousness of the Lord imputed to our account and are blessed based on that. All of God's people worship and reverence Him and are taught by God that man at his best is altogether vanity. The bible warns us to beware of false prophets who desire the preeminence among men and who would seek to steal reverence from God for themselves. Thank God for the Chief Shepherd who looks after His sheep and warns them of such blasphemers.