Pristine Grace

1,563 available articles!

  • Pristine Grace - 142 Articles
    Theological papers that are written by the primary authors of Pristine Grace and exclusive to this web site.
  • Church Bulletin Articles - 1,195 Articles
    Pristine Grace for most of its 15+ year existence as a website consisted mostly of these short devotional articles found here and there on the internet - the vast majority having been produced for Gospel congregations in the past. We plan on adding more and more articles to this topic. We use these for family worship and devotional times together. There is a lot of comforting Gospel material in these short articles! This topic will also contain short little articles posted on facebook and blogs as well.
  • Gospel Distinctives - 327 Articles
    What are some of our Gospel Distinctives? Read on to find out!
  • Hyper-Calvinism - 52 Articles
    Here are some articles that deal with the doctrines sometimes known as "Hyper-Calvinism".
  • Churchianity - 63 Articles
    Articles about the practices of the ekklesia including the errors of modern day religion.
  • Eschatology - 13 Articles
    Articles about the Last Days.
  • SEA Tulip - 4 Articles
    It's time to add a few more letters to our favorite acronym TULIP. These articles address this new acronym from Pristine Grace contributor Bob Higby.
  • Modified Covenant Theology - 16 Articles
    Our modified form of Covenant Theology. We combine CT with NCT and add in a few unique elements of our own.
  • Dead Sea Scrolls - 4 Articles
    Articles about the Dead Sea Scrolls.. You won't find this anywhere else on the internet!
  • The New Covenant - 12 Articles
    A series of essays by Pristine Grace contributor Bob Higby on the New Covenant.
  • Reference Documents - 38 Articles
    This topic contains articles and documents from church history such as creeds and confessions.
  • Audio and Video - 10 Articles
    A lot of our material from Predestinarian Network can be found here.
  • Site Specific - 10 Articles
    All of our site specific web pages.
  • Neo-Gnosticism - 46 Articles
    Articles that deal with the today's high grace predestinarian neo-gnostics and their modern day internet heresy huntring, "Gospel Crusading", and harsh rhetoric found online.
  • Russian - 4 Articles
    Articles in the Russian Language.