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Self Elevated Little Popes - Published on March 27, 2022
..."Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father — He who is in Heaven." - Matthew 23:9      In every generation there are those of an officious spirit who aspire to leadership, demanding deference from their fellows. Such men insist upon unqualified subjection from their followers. Their interpretation of the Scriptures must not be challenged, their dictates are final. Everyone must believe precisely wha...
Arthur W. Pink
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The Great Apostasy - Published on February 7, 2022
...    Paul revealed in his own lifetime that the apocalyptic 'mystery of iniquity' was already at work.  In his farewell address to the Ephesian elders (Acts 20), he prophesied that false teachers and heresy in Christian congregations would greatly multiply after his death.  The mystery of iniquity is more than original sin.  It is the strange and unique sin of irreversible apostasy from God and Christ.  In 1 and 2 Timothy, Paul has a definite change of tone f...
Bob Higby
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Thankful For What He’s Not Doing! - Published on September 24, 2021
...    I hear “preachers” saying, “We are so excited about what God’s doing” and THEN they list all their activities, programs and entertainments. When I look around at what’s called “church” today, I often stop and thank God for what He is NOT doing in HIS churches. Thankful for the simplicity of praying together, worshipping Christ through singing of hymns and the preaching of Gods word on the finished work of Christ and the exaltation of ...
Mikal Smith
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We Are Not at War with Any Man! - Published on September 15, 2021
...    Christian men are not at war with any man that walks the earth. We are at war with infidelity, but the persons of infidels we love and pray for; we are at warfare with any heresy, but we have no enmity against heretics; we are opposed to, and cry war to the knife with everything that opposes God and his truth: but towards every man we would still endeavour to carry out the holy maxim, "Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you."     The Christian...
Charles Spurgeon
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Off the Rails! - Published on September 15, 2021
...The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are... Luke 18:11     The sovereign grace movement online is off the rails.  These days all I see are attacks by real and imagined sovereign grace preachers against other sovereign grace preachers and other people of various beliefs.  Many of them have gained notoriety simply by attacking others.  Polemics is their speciality, and instead of laying the straight stick ...
Brandan Kraft
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What Theology Discussions Look Like Online - Published on September 14, 2021
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What I Now Think about Being Labeled as a Compromiser - Published on September 13, 2021
...    My entire adult life as a believer I've always faced critics.  When I first turned away from the dispensational freewillism of my youth toward a belief in sovereign grace, I lost friends and was attacked.  All my freewilller buddies turned against me.  They would say things like, "Don't listen to Brandan, he's a compromiser!  He denies the free will  of man and thinks that salvation is ENTIRELY by God's predestination!" &nb...
Brandan Kraft
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True Colors - Published on September 8, 2021
...    It has been said that you'll never know someones true colors until something bad happens. Perhaps, but what's really going on there?     My true colors are many times as much a surprise to me as they are to you. When life falls apart and so do I, something gets unveiled in me, I get to know things about myself that I sometimes wish I didn't know. So do you.     Imagine if I were to face everything you could throw at me and still never lost it, ...
Bobby Capps
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Giving Alms - Published on September 7, 2021
...    When you give alms, or do any act of charity, wait on God, do it as unto him, give to a disciple in the name of a disciple, to the poor because they belong to Christ; do it not for the praise of men, but for the glory of God, with a single eye, and an upright heart, direct it to Him, and then your alms as well as your prayer, like those of Cornelius, come up for a memorial before God (Acts 10:4). Beg of God to accept what you do for the good of others, that your alms may indeed be ...
Matthew Henry
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What Would it Take? - Published on September 7, 2021
...    Over the years I have with deep regrets watched a number of people leave the gospel.  I confess that the departure of some of them from the gospel of God's grace always makes me think of Christ's words to the disciples on one occasion, "Will ye also go away?"  Will I?  Will you?     The gospel of the grace of God in Christ is the most precious thing in the world.  It is like a rare, one-of-a-kind jewel not to be found on every stre...
Gary Shepard
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Look Every Man on the Things of Others - Published on September 7, 2021
...Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others. - Philippians 2:4     The failure of most preachers is traced not to the fact that they do not have a pastor's head, voice, and energy, but they do not have a pastor's heart! The failure of most church members and professing christians to be a blessing to family, friends, and outsiders is not that you do not have the proper doctrine, the proper moral integrity and enthusiasm for the truth, bu...
Scott Richardson
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True Conversion - Published on September 7, 2021
...    When the Word of God converts a person, it takes away from him his despair but not his repentance.     True conversion gives a man pardon but does not make him presumptuous.     True conversion gives a man security but does not allow him to leave off being watchful.     True conversion gives a man perfect rest but does not stop his progress (growth).     True conversion gives a man strength and holiness, but it never lets him boas...
Charles Spurgeon
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We Shall Die with No Stones in Our Hands! - Published on September 7, 2021
...    When the children of God see, hear, and are confronted with the "damnable heresies" of false prophets (2 Peter 2), they should have thoughts of pity and compassion, both for the deceivers and the deceived. And when these pitiful, perishing religionists will not receive us, nor our doctrine, nor our sovereign and gracious Lord, it is not ours to seek their personal destruction, to call down fire upon their heads.  That is not the spirit and attitude of the saints (Luk...
Bruce Crabtree
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Confessing Christ - Published on September 7, 2021
...   Confessing Christ is the whole of a person's life, revealing outwardly what God has worked inwardly. It is the confession by word, act, deed, and attitude, what God, by His Spirit, has created within our hearts. "One tree is not a forest," it has been said. So one public act is not a confession of Christ....
Henry Mahan
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Jelly-Fish Christianity - Published on September 7, 2021
...    The consequences of this widespread dislike to distinct biblical doctrine are very serious. Whether we like it or not, it is an epidemic which is doing great harm, and especially among young people. It creates, fosters, and keeps up an immense amount of instability in religion. It produces what I must venture to call, if I may coin the phrase, a 'jelly-fish' Christianity in the land — that is, a Christianity without bone, or muscle, or po...
J.C. Ryle
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The Almost Christians - Published on September 6, 2021
...    An almost Christian is one of the most hurtful creatures in the world; he is a wolf in sheep's clothing: he is one of those false prophets, our blessed Lord bids us beware of in his sermon on the mount, who would persuade men, that the way to heaven is broader than it really is; and thereby, as it was observed before, “enter not into the kingdom of God themselves, and those that are entering in they hinder.” These, these are the men that turn the world into a luke-w...
George Whitefield
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True Religion : What it is Not and What it Is - Published on September 4, 2021
...It is not outward religious behavior. "For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost." For most people their religion is no more than an outward conformity to social standards of righteousness. Of this much you can be sure: true religion – whatever it is – it is not something that a lost, unregenerate man can produce. It is not ceremonial and ritualistic. The burning of candles, reciting of prayer, kneeling, walking ...
Jim Byrd
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All Men are Fallible - Published on September 3, 2021
...    Remember your exalted privilege—you have the Bible in your hands, and are not bound to follow books or preachers any farther than what they teach agrees with the Oracles of Truth. We have great reason to be thankful for the instructions and writings of spiritual men—but they are all fallible, even as ourselves. One is our master, even Christ—what He says, we are to receive implicitly—but we do not owe implicit subjection to...
John Newton
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The Strength of Quietness - Published on September 3, 2021
..."Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight." 1 Peter 3:3-4      The Bible says a great deal about being quiet. The effect of righteousness, is quietness. The Shepherd leads His sheep by the waters of quietness. We are told to "study t...
J.R. Miller
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The Arminian god - Published on September 1, 2021
...    Our Heavenly Father is not foolishly pitiful, but he is pitiful. Ay, and he is better than that; he is wisely pitiful over the most erring of his children. Our God is no Arminian god; the Arminian’s god is a pitiless god to his children. He is represented as being pitiful enough to all the world, but pitiless to his own children; for, according to the teaching of some, when they sin, he cuts them out of the covenant; and if they transgress, he bundles them out of doors, tells...
Charles Spurgeon
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