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13th Street Baptist Church Fall Conference 2021 - Published on June 1, 2021
...Dates: November 12-November 14, 2021 Place: 13th Street Baptist Church, Ashland, KY 41101 Full details will be available soon.   Speakers will be Tim James, Drew Dietz, Lance Hellar, and we are waiting for confirmation on the fourth speaker....  ...     Article Length: Very Short
The Gospel is Pristine! - Published on May 3, 2021
...“The gospel of the grace of God.” - Acts 20:24     The word “gospel” signify? Its literal meaning is either “God’s word” or message, or rather, “good news,” or “good tidings,” which is more agreeable to the original. But if it be “good news,” it must be good news of something and to somebody. There must be some good tidings brought, and there must be some person by whom, as good tidings, it is re...
J.C. Philpot
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The Truth is the Truth - Published on June 16, 2020
...    The truth is the truth, no matter who said it.   That's the philosophy behind the articles on this site.  And I believe in publishing the truth from wherever it may come.  I'll even sing hymns if they are edifying and uplifting.  It doesn't matter to me who wrote them.       I know some folks may disagree with my policy.  Some have even voiced their concern to me many times.  And believe me, I understand where they ar...
Brandan Kraft
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Pristine Grace Timeline - Published on June 7, 2020
...In 1997 was created by Brandan Kraft. was an internet relay chat server and forum meant for christians to chat with each other.   In 2001, was replaced by after Brandan came to rejoice in the Gospel of Sovereign Grace. was home to several articles regarding the Gospel, but the focus was on an internet forum where believers could come and discuss Gospel theology with each other.   ...
Brandan Kraft
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Live Streams - Published on September 4, 2019
...Pristine Grace 13th Street Eager Ave. Sequoyah Jacksonville Almont Claxton Joplin Jackson   Pristine Grace Brandan Kraft - St. Louis, MO Facebook Phone Audio : +1 (712) 432-3410 -- Option #2 Code 96474 Brandan - Thursday 6:30 PM CDT/CST   13th Street Baptist Church Ashland, KY Sunday 10:15 AM & 6:30 PM Wednesday 7:00 PM *All times EST/EDT   Eager Ave. Grace Church Church Albany, GA Sunday 10:00 AM & 11:00 AM *Al...     Article Length: Medium
Pristine Grace Scripture Software - Published on August 27, 2019
...     The Pristine Grace Scripture software has been in development since 1998 and has been tweaked as needed throughout the years.  It originally started as a perl script for flat files, but eventually was transformed into a php script for accessing a database.  It has seen its home on four different domains.  It was first found on, then rewritten for, and then later moved to Predestinarian Network before finding its eventual home ...
Brandan Kraft
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Recommended Congregations - Published on January 15, 2019
...Due to disputes and quarrels about what constitutes a FREE GRACE church, I've removed this directory.  If you need assistance in finding a place to worship God, I and those associated with me would love to help if we can.  Please feel free to contact me with your name, phone number, and location / address.  Any information given to me will be treated in the utmost confidence.  It will be forwarded to the most appropriate person if you desire.  Where Can ...
Brandan Kraft
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E-Sword Study Tools - Published on January 8, 2019
...     I put this page together to help people with their Scripture software and tools.  I currently use e-Sword-x for the MAC, e-Sword LT for my iPhone, and e-Sword  HD for my iPad.  All three are reasonably priced.  There also is e-Sword for the PC, and it is free. e-Sword for Microsoft Windows   e-Sword X for the Apple Mac   e-Sword LT for the Apple iPhone   e-Sword HD for the Apple iPad      The first thing...     Article Length: Long
Books Available for Download - Published on January 1, 2019
Contact Us - Published on December 22, 2018
...Please feel free to contact me, I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. I like e-mail, and I like to talk about the Gospel and important theological questions.  - Brandan There are several ways to contact me. E-Mail : If you prefer e-mail correspondence, you can send an e-mail to me.  If you don't hear back from me, come back and try a different method, but you should hear back from me within a day or two.  This may be the best way to communicate wit...     Article Length: Short
Welcome to Pristine Grace - Published on July 7, 2004
...    Welcome to the Pristine Grace Website!  We hope you enjoy the discussion forum, articles, sermons, books, and scripture software that has been provided here.  This website has been created to proclaim the truth to God's elect people in Christ.     We are living in an age of idolatry and very few people profess Christ. Of those that do, very few seem to understand Gospel.  For example, many believe that Jesus died fo...     Article Length: Short
About our Ministry - Published on May 25, 2004
...     This website is currently edited and operated by Brandan, Angie, and Cole Kraft in Ashland, Kentucky.  It has been publishing the true Gospel since 2001 since converting from which started in 1997.  This website contains all the material of the and websites which have been closed and now point to here.  Pristine Grace is dedicated to all the brethren scattered abroad, but especially ...
Brandan Kraft
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