Who Preaches the Gospel?
Romans 1:1

     We cannot do better, when we look for an example of a gospel preacher, than the Apostle Paul. In Romans 1:1, we see how God the Holy Spirit inspired this remarkable man to describe himself as a preacher of the gospel. In doing so, he also describes all those men who truly preach the gospel of Christ.

     "Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ" - That man who truly preaches the gospel, that man who always preaches the gospel, that man who preaches the whole gospel and that exclusively, is A SERVANT OF JESUS CHRIST. Gospel preachers are the willing, voluntary bond-slaves of the Son of God. Notice how Paul describes himself. It is not, Rev. Paul, Dr. Paul, Father Paul, or Pope Paul, but "Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ." This man counted it his highest honor to be a servant of Christ, not the servant, but a servant. He was just one servant among many; but he was a servant.

     "Called to be an apostle" - The word "apostle" essentially means "messenger". There are no men today who hold apostolic office. However, God's servants are his messengers. Gospel preachers are called and gifted of God to be his messengers, MEN SENT WITH HIS MESSAGE. A gospel preacher is a man with a message, a message from God, a message burning in his soul, which he must deliver. He is a man with a messianic call, a messianic purpose, and a messianic mandate.

     Note: If you ever run across a man with a mandate from God, or a man who even thinks he has a mandate from God, you will not have to wonder about it. You will know it. He will fit no mold, bow to no pressure, surrender no ground, make no compromise. Why should he? He is has a mandate from God! That makes him utterly uncontrollable by anyone, except God who sent him. Moses had a mandate from God. Everyone who came into contact with him knew it. John the Baptist had a mandate from God. There was not a man or woman who ever went out into the wilderness to hear him preach the gospel who came away wondering if he was or was not convinced that God had called him to the work he was doing. Moses and John were both bold as lions because they knew they were the messengers of the omnipotent God.

     Look at verse one again. I will tell you something else about that man who truly preaches the gospel. He is a servant of Jesus Christ, a divinely called messenger of Jesus Christ, and he is "Separated unto the gospel". God's servants, true gospel preachers, are men who are SEPARATED UNTO THE GOSPEL. They do not take the business of being God's servants lightly. They are men separated unto the gospel: by God's decree - (Like Jeremiah and Paul), by God's call, by God's gifts upon them, and by God's placement of them in his kingdom. They are also men separated unto the gospel by their own, ever increasing devotion and determination (Rom. 1:9-17). That man who preaches the gospel of Christ is like Abraham's servant, who was sent to get a bride for his son Isaac. He will not be distracted from his work by either pleasure or pressure. Neither business nor burdens, family nor friends, foes nor finances, recreation nor hazard of life will turn such a man aside from the great work to which God has called him. He is "separated unto the gospel"!

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