A Poor Sermon

     Many years ago a young man delivered a sermon in a Welch chapel. After he finished the sermon he remarked to an old gentleman, "What did you think of my sermon? The old man replied, "It was a very poor sermon." "A poor sermon? My friend, it took me a long time to prepare it." "I'm sure that it did," said the old man, "but it was still a poor sermon." "Was my delivery poor, or were my illustrations poorly applied?" "Oh no, said the old man, "your delivery was excellent and your arguments and illustrations were very good." "Then why do you say that I preached a very poor sermon?" The old man paused and slowly said, "THERE WAS NO CHRIST IN YOUR SERMON." The young man replied, "Christ was not the text, we must preach what is in the text." "My young friend, in every text there is a road to Christ. Your business, as a minister of the gospel, is to find that road which leads to Christ and get on it as quickly as you can! For no sermon will do a sinner good if it does not lead him to Christ. The best sermon is that sermon which is fullest of Christ."

     I believe that every sermon we preach should contain The Three R's - Ruin by the fall, Redemption by the blood of Christ and Regeneration by the Holy Spirit. If our hearers learn these in their hearts they will not go far wrong on other matters, but if they have not learned these, it will matter very little what else they learn. They will be like those who are "ever learning and never coming to a knowledge of the truth."

"And while the ages roll, I'll keep on praising Him,
And my voice will never tire or grow old;
Any my song shall ever be, praise the Lamb Who died
And I'll sing it while ages shall roll."

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