What Manner of Man is This?

     All religious reformers and messiahs come to live; He came to die.

     All others leave monuments, and memorials; no one can find His birthplace, grave, nor one possession.

     All others write diaries and memoirs; He wrote on the sand.

     All others choose their followers from the rich, powerful, and influential; He chose the poor and needy.

     All others praise human righteousness; He condemed it.

     All others seek those who can help them; He sought those whom He could help.

     All others promise success and happiness to their followers; He promised tribulation and suffering.

     All others hold their disciples with fear and force; He invited his to leave Him if they would.

     All others have palaces, mansions, and headquarters; He had no place to lay his head.

     All others reward the most talented with recongnition, titles, and honor; He said, "The LEAST shall be greatest.

     All others say, "Follow me; I will show you the way;" He said, "Come to me, I AM THE WAY."

     All others claim to be messengers of God; He said, "He that hath seen me hath seen God!"

     All others stay dead; He arose and all of His claims, works, and promises are true because God raised Him from the dead.

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