Sowing the Gospel Seed

     It is our responsibility, as a New Testament church, to be a “pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Timothy 3:15). We are to boldly proclaim the gospel of the sovereign grace of God to sinners through Christ, and we must do so in words true and plain. The Lord has entrusted to us the good seed of His Word and our assignment is to sow the seed. In the natural world, a farmer prepares the ground and then spreads a good, quality seed.  He has no ability to make the sun shine upon the earth in which the seed has been distributed and he cannot cause the rain to fall upon that ground. Having done all he could, he is dependent upon the Lord to warm the ground with His sun and to water it with His rain. The farmer, therefore, must patiently wait for the Lord of the harvest to do His special work. It is the same way in the spiritual realm. We preach the gospel of the grace of God to unworthy sinners through the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the only seed that will ever bring forth fruit. But even preaching this message will not result in fruit apart from the Lord doing His special work in the hearts of those who’ve heard the Word. We preach and pray that the Lord ofthe harvest will bring forth fruit. Sowing the good seed is our responsibility; bringing forth a harvest is the Lord’s business.

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