The Great Revealer

     The gospel of the free and sovereign grace of God in Christ is perfect in every sense. It is truly the wisdom of God and shall accomplish that purpose to which He has sent it. It does truly prove to be a "savor of life unto life" to some and a "savor of death unto death" to others. I have watched as men hear the gospel of free justification through the blood and righteousness of Christ alone. This one message reveals what is really in the hearts of men in three ways.

     First, it reveals the people of God. His sheep "hear His voice" in this gospel and "they follow Him." Those born of God's Spirit and given faith to believe on Him find in this message all hope for their soul, all pardon for their sin, all acceptance before God through the imputed righteousness of Christ and all spiritual blessings. It moves them in gratitude of heart for God's grace to them to follow Him, obey Him, honor Him, love Him and seek to glorify Him in their lives.

     Secondly, it finds out the legalist. Those who would seek to stand before God at least in part by their own works and merit are manifested as they deny it, try to modify it or add to it. They are indignant at the thought that their works have no part in their justification before God. They must make more of what they do or don't do rather than what Christ has done. They claim to believe in salvation by grace but always follow the plain statements of free grace with a "but." Their claim is that such free salvation and its declaration will lead and encourage men to sin. This message of grace reveals that they are not resting in Christ and His finished work but in themselves.

     Thirdly, it exposes the lawless one. The preaching of free justification does not make antinomians but it will reveal them. These who would go on in their sin, in disregard to God's plain commands, sometimes make appeal to the freeness of God's grace. They use grace to excuse their course of sin and disobedience. But had they not heard the gospel of grace, these individuals would have used something else to excuse their Godless conduct. Believers in grace do not continue in sin that grace might abound. It is not grace but sin which is the cause. What will this gospel reveal of you?

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