Faith in God's promises may be compared to a bank note: full and felt possession of the blessings promised, is like ready cash. The man who has bank-notes to any given value, looks upon himself as possessed of so much money, though, in reality, it is only so much paper. Thus faith is as satisfied, and rests with as great complacency in the promises of Jehovah, as it had all the blessings of grace and glory in hand. In faith's estimation, God's note is current coin.

     Weak faith says, "God can save me, if he will." Strong faith says, "God both can save and will save me" (Dan. 3:17).

     What can be more feeble than the ivy, the jessamine, or the vine? Yet these, by the assistance of their tendrils, or claspers, rise and are supported, until they sometimes mount as high as the tree or the wall that sustains them. So the weak believer laying hold on Jesus by the tendril of faith, rises into the fullness of God, defies the invading storm and becomes a fruitful vine upon the wall of an house.

     Under the influence of the blessed Spirit, faith produces holiness, and holiness strengthens faith. Faith, like a fruitful parent, is plenteous in all good works; and good works, like dutiful children, confirm and add to the support of faith.

     Faith is the eye of the soul, and the Holy Spirit's influence is the light by which it sees.

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