Problems with Hyper Preterism

     Below are a some of the problems I think hyper preterism brings to those who embrace its teaching. I am posting these here as a warning to those who might consider jumping down the preterist rabbit hole. It has been my observation that many Sovereign Grace Baptists who embrace NCT have bought into the preterist lie. Hopefully this site will be a warning to these individuals.

  1. Denies a future resurrection of the church.
  2. Denies a physical resurrection of the church and believes in a "spiritual" resurrection.
  3. Believes that salvation in Christ is only salvation of the soul and not the entire man.
  4. Denies a future second coming of Christ.
  5. Denies a global return of Christ, believing that Christ's return was only to destroy unbelieving Jerusalem.
  6. Denies that Satan is an active enemy of Christians today.
  7. Denies that the Old Covenant was finished with the death of Christ on the cross.
  8. Believes the New Covenant was instituted in 70 AD.
  9. Denies that physical creation will be redeemed. 
  10. Believes death, destruction, and sin will continue forever.
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