Augustus Toplady's Final Words
11 August 1778

     These words were spoken by Augustus Toplady during his final moments as he died from tuberculosis.

     "Oh, what a day of sunshine this has been to me!  I want words to express it - it is unutterable.  Oh my friends, how good is God! - almost without interruption, his presence has been with me!  What a great thing it is to rejoice in death!  Christ's love is unnutterable!  Oh what delights!  Who can fathom the joys of the third heavens!  I cannot find words to express the comforts I feel in my soul!  They are past expression.  The consolations of God to such an unworthy wretch are so abundant, that He leaves me nothing to pray for but a continuance of them.  I enjoy a heaven already in my soul.  My prayers are all converted into praise.  Nevertheless, I do not forget, that I am still in the body, and liable to all those distressing fears which are incident to human nature, when under temptation, and without any sensible divine support ; but so long as the presence of God continues with me, in the degree in which I now enjoy it, I cannot but think that such a desponding frame is impossible."

     Within an hour of his death he called his friends and servant, and asked them, If they could give him up?  They replied in the affirmative, since it pleased God to be so gracious to him : then said he, "I bless the Lord you are brought so cheerfully to part with me, and give me up into the hands of my dear Redeemer!  It will not be long when God will take me; for no mortal man can live, (bursting into tears of joy) after the glories which God has manifested to my soul."  

     Soon after this, he closed his eyes, and slept in Jesus. 

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