Does God Save Sinners Through A False Gospel?

     Recently I was discussing with someone about whether a person could be saved under the preaching of a false gospel. As I have been thinking about this over the past few days several things have been brought to my attention. We know first of all that it is only through the preaching of the Truth, the true gospel that God saves sinners as is clearly set forth in Romans 10:14. This is the means whereby God has chosen to save sinners. The truth about the person and work of Christ must be proclaimed and as He is proclaimed His "sheep hear His voice and follow." All of His sheep are eventually brought under the preaching of the true gospel and the Spirit gives them spiritual life which results in ears to hear and eyes to see Christ.

     So the question remains, "Does God save sinners under the preaching of a false gospel?" Well, we must ask another question which will hopefully give us some direction "Which Christ is being preached?" Does God save His people through the preaching of Mohammed? How about Jim Jones or Joseph Smith? Or maybe Sun Yun Moon? For anyone who understands the Word of God knows that there is only one true Christ who can and will save sinners. (Jn. 14:6) 

     Friends, if any christ other than the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible is preached it is no different than hearing a story about Mohammed or some other false prophet in history. The great tragedy of this day is that churches all across this land, using the same Bible as we use, are preaching a different jesus and a different Christ. Churches are filled with people trusting in a false christ. Humanism and the flesh have so corrupted the average church today that it is rare to hear of the True Christ who is sovereign and sovereignly saves those whom He wills to save. After hearing of the christ taught today we must conclude that it is not the same Christ that we see revealed in Scripture. So if the christ that is preached in most churches today is not the revealed Christ of Scripture, it is clear that people making decisions under that kind of christ are hopelessly lost. 

     There is only one Christ who saves sinners and that is the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the all Sovereign Monarch of the universe. It is through the preaching of the Person and work of this Christ that God is pleased to reveal to His lost sheep their utter depravity, God's unconditional election, the irresistible work of the Holy Spirit and the particular, effectual atonement of Christ.

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