Rejoice in What God Has Done

     Often men and women in their rejection of what is plainly written in the word of God say, “God can’t do that!” The truth is in most cases the issue is over something God has already done. It’s too late unbelieving one! Nothing brings out the rebel in a sinner like hearing of what God did “before the foundation of the world.” The scriptures say that God “chose us in him (Christ)” before the foundation of the world. He “predestinated (past tense) us to be conformed to the image of his Son.” He “hath saved us.” He “loved us and gave himself for us.” He “purposed” an eternal purpose of grace to those He chose. He gave them to Christ. He did all this and so much more “before the world began.” Why? To assure that He gets all the glory! To assure that we can’t mess it up! To assure us of rest when He saves us and makes us willing in the day of His power that our salvation is a finished, completed and eternal work for us. Then, we will rejoice in what God has done. Salvation is of the Lord


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