Just a Greeting Card

     In the morning mail, there was a different shaped envelope, not like your standard letter but with the name and address properly written. Inside was a brightly colored card which said something like, “Happy Birthday, may this and all of your future days be blessed with the mercies and love of our God.” But, to me, that little greeting care said MUCH MORE! Its message went far beyond its printed words and entitled that card to be received and handled with special attention.

  1. That card says someone THINKS OF YOU even when you are not with them.
  2. That card says someone LOVES YOU AND CARES ENOUGH ABOUT YOU to give you a part of his day; enough to go to the store, look through cards, and find one that will convey his thoughts and best wishes to you; enough to sit down, address it, and carry it to the mailbox.
  3. That card says that you HAVE A FRIEND. You are not alone. You are appreciated for who you are and what you have done.
  4. That card carries with it a wish, a desire, or a PRAYER FOR YOUR WELL-BEING and prosperity in soul and body.

     My conclusion: never treat a card, a note, or a letter with anything but the tenederest of care and respond as soon as you can; for it brings to you a part of the sender.

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