The Justice of Grace

    Grace is amazing and therefore righteous grace in that the justice of God which once stood against us as sinners alienated from God, now stands for us as those who have been reconciled to God in Christ Jesus.  The words of Augustus Toplady ring true to the scriptures:  "JUSTICE CANNOT TWICE DEMAND PAYMENT AT MY BLEEDING SURETY'S HAND...AND THEN AGAIN AT MINE." It is the justice of the thrice Holy that stands to guarantee our continued security before the law and throne of God.  

    John tells us that all confessing sinners are cleansed from all sin and that God is "faithful and JUST to forgive us our sins."  God's justice demands the forgiveness of all the sins of those for whom Christ died.  This is because His death for sin actually put away sin by satisfying all that the justice of God required, which was death.  "It is Christ that died..."  

    Can justice allow any for whom He died to be condemned?  Can justice require payment at the hands of the Substitute and then require it again at the hands of those He represents?  NO!  This cannot be.  Justice that must demand the death of every soul that sins must also demand the full justification of every soul whose sins are made an end of in the dying of Christ.  Justice sees all who are in Christ as Christ Himself.  Such is the true nature of imputation.  

    All believers are seen by divine justice as being in Christ because they are in Christ!  I suppose it could be said that justice is the backbone of grace, giving it strength, applying the full benefits of Christ's work to every object of God's grace.  

    Justice upholds the integrity of God's sovereignty in grace.  He will have mercy to whom He will have mercy and be gracious to whom He will be gracious.  Someone may rise to say "that's not fair."  To which justice immediately replies, "God can do with His own what He will and if He leaves some men to face the consequences of their sin, He is just in doing so.  But He must set free every sinner redeemed by Christ's blood because I've been satisfied and honored."  Justice found a sweet satisfaction for my sin in the bloody sacrifice of Christ by it also guarantees the liberation, blessing and keeping of my soul because of that blood.  God's faithfulness and justice are ever the twin guards that secure forever God's elect.  

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