He Stood Alone; No Other Man Stood With Him

‘And there stood no man with him, while Joseph made himself known unto his brethren’ - Genesis 45:1

     Oh blessed revelation of the gospel in one verse; how simple, how straight forward and clear! Our lovely and omnipotent Redeemer must stand alone before the justice and wrath of God on our behalf, and no one stood with Him as He took my shame and blame before His heavenly Father.

     As He cried, “my God, my God why hast thou forsaken me,” such was His solitary position for all His elect. He was very much alone on Calvary’s tree, bearing and shouldering all the pressing burdens that our sins required. The law is against us, our sins are upon us, Satan accuses us, and the world despises us.

     Who then will speak peace to the church? Who then will comfort all those who mourn? None other that the one who stood alone to deliver us from all things against us!

     Not only is He THE man who stood alone for His elect but He must make himself known to His chosen people. Such He does by His sovereign free eternal grace. Blessed are you who have had the Son revealed to you. In this revelation we can not boast, for He ‘makes himself known’ to whomsoever He will by the singular and supreme workings of grace!

     Do you know why I despise free will religion so much? It proclaims that:

  1. Christ did not do everything for the salvation of His people ‘by himself’ but the sinner must help in said salvation in some manner and
  2. The sinner cooperates in divine revelation, thus Christ did not solely make Himself known without the consent of man.


‘And there stood no man with him, while he (Christ) made himself known unto HIS brethren (the elect).

     End of story!

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