Grace + Works = Trouble

     In Paul’s writings to the church at Galatia; he mentions at least twice the fact that there were false preachers ‘troubling’ them and causing the Apostle much anguish of heart as well (Gal. 5). Let it be known that when you want to trouble the elect of God, the redeemed and chosen believer of grace, just add some works to the gospel and trouble you will get.

     The true preacher of the grace of God desires to speak peace and comfort to the church of His calling, not make trouble for the very blood bought people of the Lord’s choosing. Let the world have its trouble, we want peace of heart, soul and mind every time we come together to hear and worship the Lord our God.

     The believer will not stand (nor will the messenger who brings the truth) for such sermons as ‘Christ plus anything.’ NO! We will plainly, simply and clearly speak of THE Christ and HIS work, plus nothing and minus nothing. I get trouble every work week; I want to be at peace with His people. To do so I must Preach Christ and Him crucified….nothing more, nothing less and nothing else. 

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