Our Biggest Hindrance

     I don't believe something because a prominent preacher, confession or creed, or any acedemia says something is so. I don’t believe something just because I’ve been taught it my whole life. When we put our trust in men, we surely will be let down as well as taught wrongly. 

     A dear preacher friend of mine, Bro Royce Smith, once said, "our biggest hindrance to learning is what we already 'know'."

     I think that is true. 

     I have on more than one occasion, had to go back to the congregation I pastor and confess that I had come to learn through more study, that what I taught before, I taught wrongly and had to repent and begin preaching what I was given to see as truth. If I cannot trust my own self, why would I trust in another? That is why we must look to scripture alone and not prove our beliefs by what other men say. 

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