God's High Priest

Some time ago I spoke to a man who told me he was a member of the "Order of Melchizedek". He seemed to be very proud of the fact that his group had discovered some deep mystery that was known only to themselves. Their leaders had written some books that gave them insight into these lost ancient secrets. It was clear to me that this man was infatuated with a hard to pronounce name that had the sound of profundity. However, it was also clear that though he thought he understood all mysteries, he was, in fact, clueless.

Isn't that the way religious people are? They aquire a vocabulary that makes it sound like they have uncovered the deep meaning of life while blind and ignorant to the most basic truths.

So, who is Melchizedek and what does His name tell us? Hebrews 7:2 makes it clear that His name means: 1) King of Righteousness, and 2) King of Peace. The two things men can never do for themselves, Righteousness and Peace. Melchizedek was a pre-incarnate appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ as God's High Priest. Only as He intercedes for us with His perfect righteousness, can we enjoy peace with God. The only way to be of the "order of Melchizedek" is to be "in" Melchizcdek. When that is done, men don't boast of their knowledge. They boast of their Lord.

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