As For Me

     As for me, my justification lies with God.  In his hand are the perfection of my walk and the virtues of my heart.  By His righteousness is my transgression blotted out . . .

     As for me, to evil humanity and the counsel of perverse flesh do I belong.  My transgressions, evils, sins, and corrupt heart belong to the counsel of wormy rot and those who walk in darkness.  Surely a man's way is not his own; neither can any person firm his own step. Surely justification is of God . . . 

     As for me, if I stumble, God's loving-kindness forever shall save me. If through the sin of the flesh I fall, my justification will be by the righteousness of God which endures for all time.  Though my affliction break out, He shall draw my soul back from the Pit, and firm my steps on the way.  Through his love He has brought me near; by His loving-kindness shall He provide my justification.  By his righteous truth has He justified me; and through His exceeding goodness shall He atone for all my sins.  By His righteousness shall He cleanse me of human defilement and the sin of humankind—to the end that I praise God for His righteousness, the Most High for His glory.

...found in the Dead Sea scrolls, but ignored by modern “theologians” for being too deterministic.

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