The Elect Have Never Been the Objects of God's Wrath

     The notion that God has an attribute or disposition of hell-wrath toward his elect in pre-conversion days--then changes his mind to a disposition of love and grace in the post-conversion days of his elect: this amounts to a denial of God's immutability. It is certainly true that EXPERIENTIALLY the elect are children of wrath or seething rage against God in their pre-conversion days. However, the disposition of God (as opposed to man) is irrespective of time. God justifies the elect in his grace PURPOSEFULLY from eternity up to the moment of their conversion, CONSTITUTIONALLY in the atonement of Jesus Christ, and DECLARATIVELY from the moment that he gives them faith to eternity beyond that point. There is never a point that God does not impute the righteousness of Jesus Christ to his elect people.

-- Originally Posted on Predestinarian Network Forum, 2005

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