Guilty but Forgiven

Suppose you had to stand as a defendant before a judge whose responsibility it was to enforce the law. You would hire the best advocate you could afford. Suppose you were guilty without any defense. You would plead for the courts mercy. Now, suppose you were an habitual offender that had committed nothing but crimes that were all so heinous they were punishable only by death. And, suppose the prosecutor, who had never lost a case, had such irrefutable evidence against you that your attorney could not so much as cross examine the witnesses. Add to that a judge who was well known for always exacting perfect justice. One who by no means would clear the guilty.

Though men rarely see themselves ever having committed a crime punishable by death, and though they rarely see the Judge of the universe as perfectly just to His law and Holy in His character, this is in fact where all sons of Adam are. Is there any hope? Can God be just and justify sinners at the same time?

Well, suppose the Judge himself willingly became the defendant. Suppose He came down from His lofty and rightful place of honor and took on Himself the very guilt and punishment of your crime. Then, after having satisfied all the demands of His perfect law He ascended back to His majestic throne of justice to stand as your Advocate. What cause would be so desperate, in which such an Advocate, if He will plead, will not prevail? What rightful claim would the law have against you now?

Poor sinner, admit your guilt. And rather than presuming upon the benevolent mercy of a consenting god, trust in the righteousness of a substituting Saviour; the only One in Whom the Judge of the universe is satisfied.

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