Christ, Lord Over All

     In the New Testament, calling upon Jesus as Lord was and is the same thing as calling upon God as Lord. Now if this be true, and it is true, there are two implications that follow. The first implication of the reality and the exclusiveness and the inclusiveness of Christ's Lordship in which He brooks no rival - in which He is absolutely unique - and this is serious for everyone who hears me now - is that the Lord Jesus Christ demands total, absolute surrender, He demands from men more than admiration, for many think well of Jesus - He demands more than approval - He demands total surrender!

     Ladies and gentlemen, to be a Christian is first of all to bow the knee to Jesus, to crown Him Lord of all. Friend, He is as well as Counselor, as well as example and guide; but before all these He is absolute Lord. For the Lord God our God, the Almighty, reigns - that is the theme of the Word of God. And it was the theme song of the early church; and it must become the theme song of every one who names the Name of Christ today.

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