Regarding Those Who Erect Barriers to Fellowship

    The Hebrews and the Galatians were believers stumbling at the gospel. Any other reading of those texts is simply reading what you want into the text to make your false points. 

    All believers stumble at the gospel. All sin is at it root unbelief and all unbelief at its root is gospel unbelief. 

    And brothers, be sure of this you will never convince some brothers that you are believers. 

    They have set up a self-righteous standard of judgement that leaves believers out. 

    Here’s the standard:

“...but rather their gospel is implied...”

    All the rest is blather. 

    This is code for “no matter what your profession of the gospel, even if it matches ours, we  have others standards to determine whether or not you are in the faith. For example, if you believe the Galatians were Christians like Paul says they were and that they were stumbling at the gospel like Paul says they were then you are a compromiser and no matter what your testimony of the gospel is, even if it’s the same as ours, you are lost.

    So really it not gospel profession, it’s gospel plus garbage. 

    And that friends is another gospel. 

    There is no fellowship for a brother who won’t accept your profession of the gospel. 

    The only solution is to trust the gospel and its founder and those to whom he has given you to walk with. 

    What is a bummer is that these so called brothers (meaning they wouldn’t call you one) continue to bear false witness against their brothers (we call it lying in the south) and seek to sow discord. And in my short experience with them the sum of their ministry has not been the glorifying God and His gospel but sowing discord. 

    They would do well to repent.   God doesn’t like it when people mess with his sheep. 

    Don’t waste your time unless you like fighting, belong maligned and being purposefully misunderstood.

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