Explanation of the Trinity

    I have always sought to express the three persons as follows. God has a single mind in the sense that one body of knowledge is known by God. That body of knowledge includes all true propositions, God's knowledge of them is the source of their veracity. However, there are three distinct views of that knowledge amongst the Godhead. This is a result of the activity of God. Ex. All of the members know the details of the cross, but only one of them knows it as 'i went to the cross'. Their separation exists in that their activities are different in relationship to one another.

    This is not to say that they would not be separate persons if they did not act, but that our experience of them reveals to us that they are three in how we see their acts. They know each other and themselves perfectly and would know that they are all one even if they never acted. It is still not a perfect explanation, but I feel like it helps avoid the modern versions of the ancient heresies.

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