What do You Believe?

     Here is a summary of blessed Bible truths they are incontrovertible. These Bible truths give Believers a strong and blessed assurance of their hope in Christ. Do you believe them? Have you ever been confronted with them?

  1. The Scriptures are the inerrant, infallible, verbally inspired word of God. Not only are they words about God, they are the very words of God. They are His means of revealing Himself and His will to mankind (II Tim. 3:16).

  2. God is Absolutely Sovereign! He works all things after the counsel of His own will. He actually rules over this world and the affairs of those in it. He does exactly as He pleases and when He pleases. He is Sovereign in creation - in salvation - and in providence (Eph. 1:11, Dan. 4:35, Rom. 9:15-16)!

  3. Man is dead in trespasses and sins. He is spiritually dead towards God and toward Holy things and his carnal mind is enmity against God. Man, in his dead estate, has no right or claim on God. He loves darkness rather than light. He must be born again and that by a sovereign, supernatural work of God (Eph. 2:11, Rom. 8:7-8).

  4. God the Father chose a people in Christ, before the foundation of the world. He chose them not because of any worth or merit in them, or because of any foreseen act they would or would not commit. He elected them to salvation by grace through faith in Christ just because it pleased Him to do so (Eph. 1:4-5, Rom. 8:29-30).

  5. Jesus Christ, who was God manifested in the flesh, came into this world to save His people from their sin. Our Lord's life and death was for a particular people, His elect, who were given to Him in the eternal covenant of grace. All for whom He died shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of His hands (Matt. 1:21, Jn. 10:15-29, Jn. 6:37-39).

  6. The Holy Spirit will effectually call to repentance and faith all for whom Christ died. In the day of His power His people shall be made willing. The Holy Spirit will reveal Christ to all of God's elect, by the gospel, and they will all in time believe on the Lord Jesus Christ (Jn. 16:13-15, Ps. 110:3, I Thess. 1:5).

  7. All who are God's elect, all for whom Christ died, all whom the Holy Spirit brings to repentance and faith, shall persevere in that faith unto death and will inherit an eternal enjoyment of the blessed Godhead (Heb. 10:39, I Pet. 1:5).

     There is no compromise on these things. They are all true. Without fear or favor toward men we must boldly and unwaveringly teach, preach, and stand for these blessed truths in this day when the truths of God are under such attack from every quarter.

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