And Sitting Down They Watched Him There

“And sitting down they watched him there.” (Matthew 27:36)

    I have often read this verse with wonder.  How could these men just sit down and watch the Lord Jesus Christ die on that wretched piece of lumber?  What were they thinking as they sat there looking up and seeing this bloodied piece of humanity ready to expire and take His last breath?

    Perhaps the real question for you and me is: What do you see when you look at this one hanging upon the tree?  Do you see the will of God played out to an exact measure and predetermined decree?  Do you see the only way in which God could be both just and yet justify the ungodly?  Do you behold the wonder of a full and complete humility that was never nor shall ever be seen again?  Do you see the perfect method of substitution for vile sinners such as you and me?  Do you see, as you sit there in your pew, the result of a total and absolute salvation and forgiveness wrought out for us in this one as He bore our sins on His body on that cursed tree?

    I wonder, when the gospel of His free and sovereign mercy is proclaimed, do we behold our darling Redeemer dying a sinner’s death for worms like us, or are we just sitting there watching and listening in an ignorant stupor playing religion and wasting time as these men did?  Oh may the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ be all and everything to us who have tasted that He is gracious.

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